What is CCDNB?

CCDNB stands for Canadian Content Drum & Bass, a community built to support the producers of Jungle and Drum & Bass in Canada.

CCDNB was founded by DJ Kapulet in 2008 as a podcast to showcase Canadian Drum & Bass producers. Over the next few years, the CCDNB Podcast grew a loyal fan base as Kapulet promoted artists such as Rene LaVice, Schematic, and others before they had their breakout international success.

With other life commitments in the way, Kapulet partnered with DJ Love Hz in 2014 to take over the show and take the brand to new heights.

DJ Love Hz expanded CCDNB to include live events, merchandise, new podcast episodes, and eventually live radio, joining The Prophecy 89.5 fm on monthly rotation for 2017-2019. While 2020 led to lockdowns and event closures, it also created the chance for producers to dig in hard into the music they love.

Today, it's hard to ignore the presence Canadian Drum & Bass producers have on the international Drum & Bass scene.

Canadian Content Drum & Bass stays commited to promoting our nations talent through podcasts, youtube videos, live events, livestreams, and more.